UE Recliners offers a wide range of reclining chairs for all occasions. Modern and flexible, these recliners offer great functionality and provide many design and technical options.


The Alpha recliner family comes in seven designs. You can chose between models with integrated footrest or a separate Ottoman. Alpha’s modern surface designs are available in leather and fabrics.


A light and comfortable companion for your living room or study – Maya will become your indispensable oasis of relaxation.


The all-rounder recliner. This is not a chair but a modular system. You can select different body, armrest and base styles. Design your own chair!


This Recliner Super-Family is ready to embrace you: with their 3 body designs, 3 base shapes and numerous material options you will find your special recliner that feels like home.


HANA recliners break the old fashion of the current market and brings a more relaxing and comfortable experience to the users.

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